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Monbjerg Pil og Print
Monbjergvej 5
DK-8752 Østbirk
Danish registration no. DK-33314345

30 days of free trail use:
You have 30 days of free trail use of all functionality of lessto. To continue to use lessto after your trail period, you must subscribe under your account setting.
When your trail period is over and you havent made a subscription, you will not be able to upload any data to lessto.
At account setting, you can always make a csv file of your product and calc data. After that you can delete all your data in lessto.

The montly fee of subscription to lessto is 29 us $ or 27 EURO or 199 Danish kroner a month, by Paypal subscription. The fee is handled by Paypal once a month.

End subscription:
To end subscription you must stop the subscription in Paypal. When your subscription period is over you will not be able to upload any data to lessto.

You can save your data as csv files under account settings, and after that you can delete all your data from lessto.

We will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss of data, loss of goodwill, wasted management or office time, for your use of lessto.

lessto is SSL secured and protected by Wordfence to secure your data.
No customer sensitive data is uploaded to lessto.
Under settings you can enter demo mode 1 and demo mode 2 to hide costprices and vendor information.
As good practice, always have a plan B for your packing and shipping process, if you for some reason can not use lessto.

Free hotline:
If you experience any problems using lessto, please write to support@lessto.dk and we will help you in our best way.

Buisness type:
lessto is designed for small company’s with 1 to 100 orders a day. I you like lessto and have a bigger company please contact us, we can setup a dedicated server for your company.

The team from lessto