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Export products from your webshop
CSV for excell. PDF or list the products in your browser, you can sort on all columns. Export products
Export orders from your webshop
Export finished orders in the date range of your choice.
Export orders
Export customers
Export all your customers, including customers without a login to your shop.
Customer information is from the orderheaders, so all the customers are on the lists. You can choose to see your customers in a google map. Export customers
Make pickinglist
Create fields for shelf and pickingorder on your products. Then you can make a pickinglist sorted by product pickingorder.
On the page there is guide to make the two fields. Make pickinglist
Make your own barcodes
Make your own EAN13 barcodes. I chould be shelf numbers or your own codes for your products. Make barcodes
PDF to text
Extract the text out of a PDF. Select a PDF file and you will get the text. Open the file in word or another textprocessor. PDF to text
Make a test order with an optional number of products. See what the profit is when packaging, shiping loss and payment fee are deducted.
If you want to sell new products, you can calculate if the orderprofit is high enough. Profitcalculator
Business calculator
Calculate how much your company must grow to give you a paycheck of your choice.
Is there a future for your great idea? Business calculator
Easy and simple project management
Projects with tasks and timesheets, used time and billable time. Projects

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