Your webshop backend.

lessto helps you make more money, automating your processes and having a full overview of your business.
Easy to get started
It only takes a few minutes to connect with your webshop. We would like to help you by phone, mail or skype.
No changes to your webshop
lessto uses the standard API to update data, so you doent have to install or change anything in your shop.
More webshop
Take advantage of inventory, pick and order management across up to 10 webshops.
Status mails
You can choose to receive daily mails with lists of low-stock items, overdue cases and yesterday's revenue and profit.
Two step picking
Use optimal product picking. An optional number of orders is selected and the goods are collected on an interactive pick list or as a PDF.
Barcode scanner
By using barcodes in product picking, a very high security is obtained to send the right goods to the customers. Error costs time and money.
Purchase orders
With purchase suggestions for each supplier, it is ensured that there are always items in stock. The purchasing function ensures that only low-inventory goods are purchased.
Correction of stock count is always stored in journals so it is possible to go back and see why the warehouse was regulated.
Automatic download
Items, pick orders and completed orders are automatically transferred from your shop every half hour.
Immediate download
If you are busy, download can be started immediately by pressing a button on the screens.
Task management with deadline
Create task for products, customers, suppliers and orders. Then there is always control of who has said what and why.
Already by pick, a preliminary profit is calculated on each order, so that a distinction can be made between good or "bad" orders.
The final balance of goods, freight loss, payment fee and packaging is automatically calculated for all completed orders.
The order summary shows total revenue, final profit, product usage, etc. after date selection so you can always follow the year, month, and today's numbers. These numbers are always compared with last year's figures.
Simpel / Advanced
On all listings, simple or advanced view can be selected. In daily use, simple shows the basic information. Advanced shows all information and key figures.
What if orders?
Test orders can be made with one or more products to calculate the order profit for bundles and to find the correct selling price for single products.
What if products?
Test orders can be made with new products to find out if the profit is high enough for your webshop.
lessto is specially optimized to work with bundles. Using bundles encourages the customer to buy more and thereby ensure greater order profit. lessto can use data from the YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin.
Making good SEO is very important for customers to find your products. lessto can use data from the yoast seo plugin.
Number series
You can add up to 3 fields per. product be scanned when picking. You can choose whether the fields must be filled in or are optional.
Google maps
Where is your customers and order addresses located? Select salesdates and free search.
Daily operation
We can offer help by analyzing products and orders from your webshop. Optimize prices, warn about low inventory and make suggestions for changes that will be positive for your webshop.

lessto is created in cooperation with webshops and is constantly developing new features.
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